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Please see our editorial below our jobs listing, From FUN to FOCUSED – 4th Quarter Hiring Spree

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.NET Software Engineer (4 openings) – Irvine – CTH $40 – 50/hour

Java/Embedded Product Engineer – Irvine – $120,000 – $140,000/year

Oracle Manufacturing Functional Analyst – Redlands – $100,000 – $115,000 + incentives

Director of Inventory Control – Redlands – Salary DOE

JDE Developer – Newport Beach – Salary DOE

Inside Sales & Sales Training Manager – Pasadena – $120,000 – $148,000

Lead Development Representative – Pasadena – $50,000 – $75,000

Director of Marketing Programs – Pasadena – $120,000 – $160,000

Sr. Product Marketing Manager– Enterprise Software – Pasadena or San Fran – $150,000 – $175,000

Online Ad/Recruitment Sales – Los Angeles – Salary DOE

Senior iOS Developer/Mobile Team Lead – Los Angeles – $120,000 – $150,000

Lead Generation/email Marketing Manager – El Segundo – Salary DOE

Product Marketing Manager – El Segundo – Salary DOE



From FUN to FOCUSED – 4th Quarter Hiring Spree

Summer is officially over and the country has switched gears from having fun to being focused. The end of Labor Day weekend made it official. All the long vacations, celebrations and BBQs are over and schools have begun the 2013-2014 school year. It’s not just the school kids that have to get focused, companies and job seekers do the same.  Although, we’ve all heard how hard it is to be job searching during the ‘holidays’, the 4th quarter of the year typically experiences hiring sprees.

August, traditionally the time for long summer vacations, is usually written off as a bad time to try to recruit staff,” wrote Christine Williamson, Senior Writer for Pensions&Investments. According to John Jeltema, CEO of eNamix states that “we have always seen an increase in hiring during the 4th quarter versus the 3rd quarter of the year”.

Here are just a few companies focused on hiring in the 4th quarter:

  • Apple is on a hiring spree to add more creatives to their in-house marketing team.

  • SGN, the social video game company led by Myspace co-founder Chris DeWolfe and headquartered in Los Angeles, says it plans to increase its staff by 30% over the next six months.

  • Telemundo is also on a hiring spree for their January release of Telemundo Philadelphia.

As we have previous reported, this time of year provides a number of networking opportunities for you and your staffing agent. If you think about it, most socializing opportunities during the year are packed into November and December. Late October may have a few festivities as well. Try these tips and show up to your holiday gatherings feeling confident and self-assured.

  1. Besides relying on your staffing agent, most jobs are obtained through your personal contacts, and the holiday season offers so much more socializing than the rest of the year.

    1. friends and family

    2. fellow professional association members

    3. acquaintances from your religious and secular practices

    4. yes, and even strangers

  2. Volunteering is a perfect addition to the list because it looks great on your resume and gives you a further arena to network with others. Not to mention the fact that it makes you feel more valuable to your community.

  3. Holiday occasions should not be faced with a feeling of doom, thinking awkwardly to yourself, “what if everyone knows that I haven’t got a job yet?” or “everybody is going to turn my job search into ideal chit-chat about my livelihood!” Don’t approach the festivities by asking yourself these type of things, but rather tell yourself, “I might run into someone that has a job opportunity for me!” or “the more people I network with today, the better my chance of getting a referral the next time something comes up.”

  4. At the celebration, try answering the inevitable questions about your job with something like this, “hey thank you so much for asking. Is it okay if I send you a list of companies that have sparked my interest? Maybe you could take a look and see if you have any contacts at these companies” or “maybe you have some advice on companies you are familiar with”…industrious, smooth and self-assured! Most importantly, follow up and email that list and/or call the companies suggested. You never know who you might run into that may have a relative in HR, a friend in Information Technology or a neighbor who is Vice President of a particular company you have been targeting for weeks.

  5. Enjoy yourself! A little celebrating can lighten your mood so that you bounce back with a more lighthearted and enjoyable demeanor. Keeping your spirits up is vital for your well-being during this time.

  6. You should avoid making statements that are negative or self-pitying when faced with conversations about your job. Negative comments about the job market, your previous employer, or your current job hunt should not be part of any conversation. Remember, these are the same people who may pass you a lead next week. Would you turn over a hot job reference to someone who is a complainer? Making “poor me” statements will cause the same hesitation if someone has a prospective employment possibility for you.

The opinion that hiring trends tapers off during the 4th quarter is simply false. Let this misnomer work in your favor while other job seekers sit idle. Most hiring managers have less staff meetings and more down time during the holiday season. This means that they are more likely to talk with your staffing agent, review resumes, set-up interviews and make important decisions that could land you a job right away.

There is another misnomer that companies will begin hiring in January to accommodate a new fiscal year. In actuality, many businesses begin their fiscal year with new budgets on October 1st. This means that they have already budgeted for new employees’ salaries. This also means these hiring managers are actively recruiting now to fill positions that will start day one of the New Year. Still other hiring managers may be faced with having to ‘use up’ their budgets by New Years.

In addition, even if you are doing OK financially, it is probably not a good time to simply postpone your search. It is hard to come back and hit-the-ground-running on January 1st, if you have taken a season-long hiatus like that.

Remember, because you are ‘in between jobs’, you have the perfect excuse for keeping the gift giving and travel costs lower this year.

So look on the bright side, the 4th quarter hiring spree is just around the corner.  Remember that you and your staffing agent can discover new opportunities that might not otherwise be shared. For more job hunting tips and tricks in the 4th quarter, call us today at (949) 916-9810.

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