Why Get a Job Through a Staffing Agency

There’s more than one way to find employment. While many jobseekers focus on online job sites, LinkedIn networking, and other familiar tools, there are some alternatives available—such as looking for employment through a job agency.

Job agencies—also called staffing agencies—provide a number of benefits for job candidates. Here are just some of the main ones:

  • First and foremost, job agencies have a lot of jobs. Employers contract job agencies to help them fill many different positions, which means there are always a lot of openings—boosting the chances that one of those openings is a good fit for you.
  • Job agencies provide some flexible hiring arrangements. While it’s sometimes assumed that staffing agency positions are all temp jobs, more and more businesses are choosing a temp-to-hire approach—meaning your short-term gig could turn into a long-term opportunity. Just think: Every day you’re on the job is a new chance to impress your employer!
  • Job agencies have their finger on the pulse. They know what employment trends are, and they can advise you on skills you need to master, or changes you need to make to your resume, to become an even better-qualified and more competitive candidate.
  • Additionally, job agencies have resources available to help you discern where your skills truly lie, and what kinds of positions would make you happiest and most successful. This kind of career development can be invaluable!
  • Not only will a job agency help you hone your resume and your interviewing skills, but it will also support you through the process—keeping you from becoming demoralized. If you’ve ever struggled to find work before, you know how invaluable this can be!

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Where to Find Tech Jobs in Orange County

This is just a partial list of reasons why you might consider working with a job agency. The question is, which job agency is right for you?

Some job agencies are fairly general, while others focus only on certain industries or niches. The latter is true of eNamix, a staffing firm based in Orange County. We work extensively in the tech sector and help find new career opportunities for technologists and IT professionals.

If you belong to either of those groups, we invite you to learn more about eNamix today.

We Are Among the Top Job Agencies in Orange County

As a leading IT staffing agency in Orange County, eNamix is proud to serve companies and jobseekers alike, in Orange County, Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. We do more than just fill temp jobs. We want to help you move forward in your career. To learn more about how we can help you—or to start the process—reach out to eNamix, one of the top Orange County IT job agencies, right away.

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