Create a Tech Resume That Gets You a Job

Being proficient in information technology (IT) is highly marketable in today’s world, where technologists are in high demand—but even so, there remains a need for tech professionals to market themselves. That’s what a resume is all about. Whether you’re seeking a new job in tech or just want to be prepared for surprise opportunities, it’s wise to put together a strong, tech-centered resume.

Of course, not all tech resumes are created equal—so how do you ensure yours gets results? Here are some of the best practices for technologists looking to spruce up their resumes.

Building an Effective Tech Resume

  • Focus on things you’ve achieved. It’s common for resumes to focus on responsibilities—all the little day-to-day things you did at previous jobs. A more effective way to present your resume is to focus on achievements—things you accomplished, metrics you attained, money you saved the company, etc. Cite achievements and include numbers/dollars/statistics whenever possible.
  • Open your resume with an executive summary. Technologists should open their resumes with a brief paragraph, encapsulating who they are and what value they bring to employers. Do this in lieu of an objective, which is old-fashioned and redundant. (Your objective, of course, is to get a job—hence the resume!)
  • Make sure your resume is accessible. There’s nothing wrong with using some technical language here and there, but try to keep your resume as universal as possible; remember, you may be working with an HR manager or hiring director whose IT knowledge isn’t as deep as yours.
  • Stick to one or two pages. A good resume is a succinct one, which may mean condensing some of your older positions to focus on more recent achievements. If you’re fairly new to the field, or fresh out of college, keep your resume to a page; otherwise, make it two, but never more.
  • Include a core competencies section. A good tech resume includes a list of core competencies. This is where you can list all of your specific skills, ideally in a bulleted format.
  • Don’t forget your education. In addition to listing your college degree, it’s also smart to include any important certifications you’ve received in recent years. Focus on tech skills that are current and in-demand.
  • Finally, remember that readability is key. A good resume is formatted to include plenty of white space, which makes it easy for a hiring manager to read or skim as needed. Avoid big blocks of unbroken text.

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Send Your Resume to an Information Technology Staffing Agency

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