10 Promising IT Jobs for 2018

Technology is increasingly central to the way we work, the way we buy and sell, and the way we communicate. That’s good news for technologists, whose skills are in greater demand than ever before. For those who have a background in Information Technology (IT), there’s no shortage of work—and some positions are especially promising.

Based on our internal research, here are 10 of the technology jobs with the most promise for jobseekers in 2018.

In-Demand IT Jobs for 2018

  1. Data scientist. Experience in the analysis and interpretation of digital data is an increasingly in-demand skill.
  2. DevOps. DevOps is an integrative approach to software development and operations—and those who have familiarity in this discipline will find much opportunity in 2018.
  3. Big Data scientist. Similar to the data scientist position, Big Data scientists take an even more panoramic view, offering analysis that can help leads make better decisions.
  4. Cloud architect/engineer. More and more companies are adopting cloud computer strategies, and as such, they need skilled IT professionals to design and oversee these systems.
  5. Full stack net developer. A full-stack developer is anyone who is qualified to work on both the front-end and back-end of an application—thus offering a comprehensive spectrum of skills.
  6. Java developer. Java remains one of the most widely used programming languages, and those who understand it will find some key career opportunities.
  7. Program manager. These days, most companies have robust IT teams that are engaged with many different projects at once, and there’s big demand for managers who can lead these teams efficiently.
  8. Data analyst. A data analyst is someone who’s skilled in inspecting, transforming, cleansing, and modeling data—all to support corporate decision-making.
  9. System analyst. A system analyst’s role is to oversee the entire IT infrastructure of the organization—a big job with much demand.
  10. Network engineer. Finally, companies looking to implement their own internal networks need someone to serve as the architect and overseer. That’s where network engineers come into play.

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As you look for work opportunities in the IT field, keep these positions in mind—and if you’re looking for a position here in Southern California, make sure you submit your resume to eNamix. We’re a trusted headhunter in Los Angeles and beyond, and we keep our finger on the pulse of the local IT scene. Reach out to us directly to learn more about these or any other information technology job openings.

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