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Please see our editorial below our jobs listing, Made in America: The Reshoring Initiative and Why is it Important to Employers, Candidates and the Country.

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Visit our candidate portal where you can search, view and apply for our latest jobs AND connect with us on FaceBook at http://www.facebook.com/enamix to see ongoing discussions and jobs that come up between newsletters. Here are our latest job openings:

Administrative Assistant – Irvine, CA – $20,000 to $41,600/year

Sr. .NET Software Engineer – Irvine, CA – Salary/Rate DOE

Crystal Report Developer – Long Beach, CA – $60,000 to $90,000/year

C#/Delphi/SQL Server Developer – Santa Ana, CA – $90,000 to $100,000/year

.NET Developer – Pennsauken, NJ – $70,000 to $85,000/year

Big Data Engineer/Architect – Pasadena. CA – Salary DOE

Director of Development – Pasadena. CA – Salary DOE

QA Engineer – Web Solutions – Pasadena, CA – $80,000 – $105,000/year

Linux Systems Operations Engineer – Pasadena. CA – Salary DOE

Sr. Java Engineer – Online Advertising – Pasadena. CA – Salary DOE

Lead Development Representative – Pasadena. CA – Salary DOE

Director- Marketing Automation/Infrastructure – Pasadena, CA – $135,000 to $165,000/year

Sr. Product Marketing Manager/Director -Cybersecurity – Pasadena. CA – Salary DOE

Director of Marketing Programs – Pasadena. CA – $120,000 to $150,000/year

Online Marketing and Events Management – Irvine, CA – $48,000 to $60,000/year


EDITORIAL: Made in America: The Reshoring Initiative and Why is it Important to Employers, Candidates and the Country

Harry Moser, former U.S. CEO of AgieCharmilles, is the creator of The Reshoring Initiative. “Reshoring is happening,” says Moser. “Labor costs in China are going up, and Chinese workers are beginning to demand workable conditions and hours. Breakdowns in global supply chains such as the one caused by the Japan earthquake, political uncertainties, expensive transportation costs, the need to be more responsive to customer demands and declining prices for U.S. natural gas and electricity are contributing to companies re-thinking their offshoring decisions.”

According to Inc. Magazine, Moser was recently invited to take part in Obama’s Insourcing Initiative, to encourage companies across the country to insource American jobs and help rebuild our economy for the future. Essentially, this is what Moser told Obama: The costs of going overseas have been wildly underestimated, and American firms are beginning to realize that the total cost of going abroad don’t justify offshoring in the first place.

“Looking only at only price, which is what most companies do, all the work would stay offshore,” says Moser. “But if you looked at total cost of ownership, that’s no longer true.”

John Anderson is Director of the Industry Consulting Business Unit responsible for the strategic direction, goals, day-to-day operations and service development for Torrance-based California Manufacturing Technology Consulting. The company, which specializes in counseling smaller manufacturers, said it makes economic sense for businesses not to have to wait for goods to make two-month trips across the Pacific Ocean. Usually at least a small part of each load has to be written off because of damage en route.

Anderson said, “We have talked to companies that are talking about onshoring. It’s the first glimpse we’ve gotten of something moving”.  Anderson added that it makes proprietary sense for companies not to give away their intellectual property or send production of breakthrough products to other countries.

In late 2012, Dice Tech News said, “We are seeing a rise in reshoring initiatives across the country, and over the last few months many large U.S.-based companies have announced formal plans to move both manufacturing and the supporting technology jobs back to the continental United States in large part because of the work of Moser’s Reshoring Initiative. For example, both GE and Chrysler have announced major reshoring plans in 2012”.

In a Forbes article, The Boeing Debacle: Seven Lessons Every CEO Must Learn, they examine how offshoring has caused critical issues with the 787 manufacturer, with over 7,000 local employees in Long Beach.  “Yet grave as these issues [the faulty rollout of the 787] seem, they are merely symptoms of a deeper disease that has been gnawing at the US economy for decades: flawed offshoring decisions by the C-suite. Offshoring is not some menial matter to be left to accountants in the backroom or high-priced consultants armed with spreadsheets, promising quick profits. It raises mission-critical issues potentially affecting the survival of entire firms, whole industries and ultimately the economy”.

John Jeltema, Founder and CEO of eNamix said, “eNamix stands ready to support the employment needs of Southern California companies interested in ‘onshoring’ or ‘insourcing’.  We can help build your team as you transition back to Made in America“.

For additional information, please see the links below:
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The Reshoring Initiative and the Total Cost of Ownership Estimator™, developed by Moser, is a tool to help companies evaluate the cost and benefits of reshoring.  Companies can use this tool to calculate the real cost of doing business overseas and help objectively assess whether it makes sense to reshore.

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