February 2013 TEN Newsletter

February 1st, 2013

Hi TEN Members,

Please see our editorial below on employer trends regarding education, experience and inexperience in hiring.

Job Openings

Visit our candidate portal where you can search, view and apply for our latest jobs AND connect with us on FaceBook at http://www.facebook.com/enamix to see ongoing discussions and jobs that come up between newsletters.  Here are our latest job openings:

Sr Java Developer for major movie platform – Los Angeles, CA – Rate DOE

.NET Integration Developer – Irvine, CA – $75,000 to $120,000/year

Lead QA Analyst – Irvine, CA – $45/hour

ScrumMaster – Multiple Openings – Irvine, CA – Rate DOE

Sr. DBA/Developer – Irvine, CA – Rate DOE

Business Analyst – Healthcare – Irvine, CA – Rate DOE

Configuration Management/TFS – Irvine, CA – Rate DOE

MS CRM Implementer/Developer – 2 openings – Irvine, CA – Rate DOE

Crystal Report Developer – Long Beach, CA – $60,000 to $80,000/year

MVC 3 Developers – Irvine, CA – Rate DOE

Ontology Engineer/Architect – Pasadena, CA – Rate DOE

QA Engineer – Web Solutions – Pasadena, CA – $80,000 to $105,000/year

Linux Systems Operations Engineer – Pasadena, CA – Rate DOE

Sr. Java Engineer – Online Advertising – Pasadena, CA – Rate DOE

Sr. .NET Developer – Irvine, CA – $80,000 to $110,000/year

VP Sales & Alliances- Security/SaaS/Mobile – San Francisco, CA – Rate DOE

Sales Engineer(s) / Solutions Consultant – Northwestern US, $120,000 to $140,000/year

Regional Sales/ Enterprise Software – Bay Area, CA – Rate DOE

Drupal/PHP Developer – Los Angeles, CA – $85,000 to $120,000/year

Director- Web Operations & Engineering – Pasadena, CA – $150,000 to $175,000/year

Sr. Product Marketing Manager/Director -Cybersecurity – Pasadena, CA – Rate DOE

Lead Development Representative – Pasadena, CA – Rate DOE


EDITORIAL: Are Employers Looking for Education, Experience or Inexperience in Technical Candidates?

“Education is a lifelong experience. Experience is a lifelong education. Education plus experience equals expertise.” Michael Bugeja, journalist, author and educator

In this competitive, employer-emphatic job market, our technical candidates regularly express their concern regarding their experience and education, or lack of it.

Recent college graduates, and those recently certified, are afraid they will be turned down due to their lack of experience. On the other hand, our candidates with robust experience are concerned that they have not gone through a formal certification program or achieved an advanced degree.

While having formal education doesn’t hurt, if you have experience, without formal education, it is easier to seek certification or a degree after you land the job, rather than the other way around. This is worth remembering when you decide whether to spend a lot of energy and money, obtaining as many certifications as possible. Many employers favor certified candidates with limited experience as an advantage for training and molding purposes.  Candidates with limited experience can grow with their business.  Salary ranges and benefit packages are more flexible with limited experience candidates, whereas, candidates with degrees or certification may expect higher salaries and benefit packages.

Further, according to EmploymentDigest.com, “some people have become professional students, furthering their education, hoping that it will lead to bigger and better jobs. However, it is being shown that aside from recent graduates, education takes a backseat to professional experience.”

CNN’s New Career Landscape reports that, “it’s easier for a company to train employees on technical skills versus core competencies.”  Further, CNN advises, “if an applicant lacks experience, his [or hers] résumé should highlight examples of professional skills”.

According to 96 percent of employers surveyed by Harvard lecturer and author, Paul Stoltz, an inexperienced job applicant with passion, commitment and a willingness to learn is more likely to be hired than someone offering the opposite.

Glassdoor.com reports that, “you may be surprised to know that your lack of experience has the potential of being your greatest advantage.” Glassdoor.com cites four advantages of being inexperienced:

You are moldable
You are excited
You pitch in
You are a bargain

“The bottom line is”, they say “don’t be afraid to apply for a position you have a real interest in just because you lack experience. You may just be the person they’re looking for.”

John Jeltema, Founder and CEO of eNamix, “regardless of whether an applicant has more experience, is technically certified or has a higher college degree, the main thing is for the candidate to appear calm and confident, knowing that we will find the right fit.”

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